Maths at Rowlatts Hill Primary School

Say a big ‘Hello’ to our Maths Junior Leaders Team. This group of pupils (left to right; Leah, Riya, Isha and Neha) are specially deployed by our Maths Leader, Mrs Spooner, to help promote and inspire Maths around the school.

In the past they have helped create our Learn-Its Leaflet that we give you all our children and this year they are helping design a new Maths Display, PLUS they are currently researching the internet for some new online Maths resources for our web site.

Here are some other things going on around the school…



All our children have their Learn Its to learn






A CLIC display in every classroom helps us remember our Maths strategies. Counting, Learn Its, Its Nothing New and Calculation.




All of our children and taught how to tell the time and when they have reached their target they are presented with a real watch, for FREE !




This is an example of a Learn Its chart. Each child works to beat their own individual Learn Its target and when they do, we give them goodies!