Geography at Rowlatts Hill

Foundation Stage

As part of their topic ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’, the Foundation Stage children went on a trip to Lily Marriott Park. They were looking at similarities between the park and the setting of the story. But did they find a bear?






The ‘Bear Hunt’ display was a talking point for the children and parents. They were able to spot pictures of themselves on the bear hunt.






Year 1

The topic in Year 1 focused on journeys and different types of transport. They explored how they travel to school and had a go a filling in their own passport.






Year 2

The children spent time studying the local environment. They investigated the physical features in and around the school and devised simple maps and planned routes.






Year 3

The display show some of the things the children learnt during their topic on volcanoes, including the physical features, why they happen and the impact on people that live near them.






Year 4

The children learn all about our capital city in their London topic. As part of their homework, they made some very creative models of famous London landmarks.






Year 5

Linked with their History topic, the children learnt about World War II. The countries involved and where they were located. Plenty of opportunity for map work!






Year 6

Linking with their topic on World War One and Remembrance Day, children in Year 6 visited the war memorial and read poems in order to commemorate the fallen soldiers.