Computing at Rowlatts Hill


At Rowlatts Hill Primary Academy we take Computing very seriously and incorporate technology to complement our curriculum. You will find laptops,  iPads and cameras used across the school in a cross-curricular capacity to aid the IMAG1151entire breadth of subjects taught. Here we have a Year 6’s report, the pupil was given the choice of how to present their report and they chose to use a laptop.

We are keen to share our projects with visitors and parents and so will often record performances / projects and share them in our books, displays and newsletter by using QR codes. The below video is a KS1 class who have worked together to learn The Owl and the Pussycat and then perform it.

Using iMovie these children chose to make a video of what they had learnt when looking at Africa – whilst recorded by an adult, the script, content and performance were put together by the pupils themselves.

Here you can see pupils have used Pic Collage, an iPad app, to make posters explaining what they like most about their school.


As part of our core provision we ensure each child has the ability to login in to both  MyMaths and Read Theory on the school equipment and laptops. When tasks are finished they know to access an ipad or laptop, login to their unique username and continue to make progress in their Maths and Reading.

We also ensure that we follow the National Curriculum and teach the pupils the E-Safetykey computing skills required for modern life. We teacher e-safety to the entire school at several times throughout the year to ensure children know how to stay safe online. This picture shows F2 children being taught the importance of being with a grown up when online and not sharing passwords. In KS1 and 2 we recently took the opportunity to explain to pupils what images are appropriate to share online and which are not. Here is a picture of two students separating images into appropriate and inappropriate piles. IMG_0065

Whilst our first responsibility is to the pupils we are fortunate to have an outstanding relationship with our local community and so have organised E-Safety presentations for the parents which were delivered by Leicestershire Constabulary and allowed us to speak directly to parents rather than rely on pupils passing information on.


As previously mentioned we are very fortunate to have close links with the local community one of which is De Montfort University who we work closely with across many projects. One of these projects sees student volunteers that are taking Computing courses at University come and deliver Scratch Jnr coding sessions to our Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils. These sessions are incredibly popular with the pupils and culminate with prizes at the end that are awarded to the best pupil projects. Here we have some Year 5 boys explaining what they are coding