PP Sports Income

Additional Sports Funding

Schools all across the UK have now been given Sports Grants to help promote sports and increased physical activity in primary school children.

  • Rowlatts Hill Primary School, for this financial year, was allocated £8,690.

With this extra funding we ;

  • Recruited an additional sports coach for every lunchtime to encourage children from all age groups to participate in ball sports during the lunch break.
  • Have 2 sports coaches each night after school running multi-sports (fitness and core strength), football, basketball and athletics clubs for all age groups, boys and girls.
  • Increased the hours of an existing coach to add extra basketball coaching at lunchtimes, 5 days a week.
  • Use Leicester Riders Basketball team (actual 1st team players) to help coach our school basketball team and work with children across the school in the school day.
  • Bring in additional 3rd party experts to coach our children in gymnastics, fencing, cricket and even Frisbee Throwing!
  • Holiday Sports clubs on school fields. 10am to 3pm – Free to all children
All of our sports clubs are free to all children and have allowed our coaching team to see measurable progress in children’s fitness, see children grow and be motivated to get fitter, develop and improve their attitude towards collaborative/team based activities and show excellent progress in the development of participant’s social skills.
Our coaches have also brought children from the school to get involved in sports activities at weekends to remind them that sports are not just for the school day!