E-Safety at RHPA

E-Safety at Rowlatts Hill Primary Academye-safety

In recent weeks Rowlatts Hill Primary has spent a lot of time working to educate both our children and their families on the dangers of the Internet.

PCSO Kayleigh HubbardIn the wake of the horrific stories surrounding the abduction and subsequent murder of Leicestershire teenager, Kayleigh Haywood we teamed up with the local police specialists for their support in the area of E-Safety.

PCSO Kayleigh Hubbard along with Officer Matt Turner from the Local Policing and Partnership Support Team and Katie Hudson, Police Force Children and Young Persons Officer, joined us for an E-Safety lesson for all ages in the school, explaining the potential dangers of communicating with and meeting people online via chat groups and other social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and many more.

During these discussions it was alarming to find out how many young children have un-monitored access to social media which can make children vulnerable unless they have the right knowledge of the kind of behaviour to avoid and look out for.

Please make sure that as parents and carers you closely monitor any online activity that children in your care undertake and help us make sure your children are safe online.