Academy Meals


As the school has its own kitchens we can provide your child with a hot and freshly cooked meal each day. Lunches cost £1.75 daily (£8.75 per week).

There are several choices of meal each day, including vegetarian options for children who either do not eat meat or might only eat Halal or kosher meat.

All paid lunches must be paid for the week prior to the delivery of the meal. Our kitchens need to order specific quantities of food in advance to avoid wastage and therefore we cannot provide meals for children who decide ‘on the day’ to have a hot meal.

Lunches are served on a four week cycle to avoid repetition and a copy of the current  menus are available in the rack outside the school office.

Children may choose to bring in their own food for lunch if this best meets their requirements. Please bear in mind though that as a school with ‘Healthy School’ status we do insist that packed lunches are healthy and balanced. We do not allow fizzy drinks and strongly recommend limiting your child’s crisps/chocolate and other unhealthy options. A sandwich/cob with a drink and some fruit would be just perfect. For ideas on packed lunches for your child go to the following address:

Please ensure that you never send a child into school with food containing nuts as we have a number of children with severe nut allergies. 

Depending on your personal circumstances you may be entitled to free school meals. To find out if you are eligible for free school meals, call the City Council on 0116 252 7009 and they will advise you regarding a claim.